Sunday, April 30, 2017

Hydraulic elevator noise - Isolation

We have a building who complained about the noise of their elevator system.  It is a 6 stop, 50’ +/- of travel hydraulic elevator.  It is hard to put a date on the elevator as the building could be from 1970 or 1990, it is a very non descript building that appears to have been modernized with a newer controller and a newer submersible hydraulic power unit.   About 4 years ago we replaced the elevator hydraulic cylinder.  And haven’t really had any noise or other structural complaints since.  It was interesting when I started to get complaints about the noise recently, nothing had changed on our end.

What we know

1.    It appears that at one time the oil line was run underground and it was replaced with an overhead line.  Pipes goes from 2” to 2 ½” with a lot of 90’s.  
2.    There is a transformer feeding the controller [assumed initial controller was ordered incorrectly.]
3.    The pit continually gets water in it
4.    It is a higher travel hydraulic system with a submersible system
5.    Nothing was done to this elevator in the last 4 years besides typical service call/maintenance issues

Our proposed solution

1.    Install an inflatable muffler inline – From MEI
2.    Install an isolation coupling inline – From Maxton Valve
3.    Isolate overhead oil line with more rubber
4.    Cut out some of the 90’s in the elevator machine room

 [MEI's hydaulic inflatable muffler]
                                  [Maxton valve's isolation coupling]

What we discovered during the installation

1.    Isolation between piston and platen plate was deteriorated most likely from the constant water and flooding in the pit which would give the elevator some added vibration.

Before versus after – We had a reduction of noise of 34% at floors 3, 4 & 5.  We did decibel readings before and after to quantify any changes.


This was an interesting noise issue that I had never seen come up before at a building.  There was more work that could have completed at the building but it would have required more time, more work that was outside of the building’s budget at this time.  

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