Sunday, May 19, 2019

A17.1 2016 Elevator Code – Hoistway Access

Prior to the 2016 A17.1 code we would see hoistway access in many different places; hall stations, door frames top, door frames bottom, next to elevator, etc.  The code committee change this with the 2016 of the elevator code for new construction or modernization.  There are strict requirements for location per  Important that everyone that has moved or will be moving towards the adoption understands.  The City of Chicago is on 2016 code.  The State of Illinois is on 2013 currently but will be on 2016 after adoption takes place... oi

1.    48” to 72” above floor measured to the centerline of the switch
2.    On the wall outside of the hoistway within 12” of the entrance frame
3.    On the hoistway entrance frame or jamb
4.    On the sight guard
Here are a few examples of what will work and what will not work

[This access station is not 48" above AFF - No Good]

[This Hall station is within 12" of frame but when we ordered it we had to extend the height to accommodate the 48" to 72"]

[This access station is more than 12" from both door frames - No good for A17.1 2016]

Take away – While this isn’t a huge deal for any modernization or new construction, it does force us to pay a little more attention to the design of our fixtures.  If you do not pay attention to the code change it will cost a little bit to comply and you will have frustrated elevator field personnel.

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