Friday, February 28, 2014

Cold Chicago weather & hydraulic elevator operation

During extremely cold periods hydraulic elevators may not react as they would when the temperatures are above freezing.   A buildings hydraulic elevator may not level correctly during the first few runs of the day or during periods of inactivity.  A recommendation would be to leave the elevator at the lowest landing during slow periods [you will have less of the elevator parts exposed to the typically cold hoistway] and run the car a few times in the morning to get hydraulic fluid warmer.  It is always recommended to have the elevator room at a reasonable temperature or add a room heater or a hydraulic tank heater.  Warming the elevator room will avoid any issues with the elevator not leveling properly during periods of inactivity.

When hydraulic fluid is cold it is thicker or has a higher viscosity.  When hydraulic fluid is warmer it is thinner or has less viscosity. For example honey has a higher viscosity than water.  If you keep your elevator machine room warm your elevator will perform better during these periods of extreme cold.  The elevator control valve is set for a certain oil viscosity and when it exceeds the tolerance levels the elevator may not react as it typically would under normal running conditions.

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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Water in elevator machine rooms & elevator pits

This blog is intended for use for elevator owners to help maintain & alert them to issues with their elevator system before they become major problems.  Colley Elevator is an Elevator Company based in the Chicago Land area and services over 900 low to mid rise elevators.  Colley Elevator does elevator new construction, elevator modernization,  elevator service repair, elevator maintenance, elevator safety tests and most anything else you may require for your new or old elevator system.  Colley Elevator has been around since 1908 and is independently owned and operated.

2/20/14 – The Chicago area is seeing rain today which is melting our large amount of snow that is on the ground.  Be conscience of the mechanical areas having leaks which may cause water to fall on the elevator equipment as well as your elevator pits that have sump pumps not collecting water.  If you begin hearing strange noises, drip drops or splashing, call your elevator company, there is a possibility that your sump pump is not working and take a peak in the elevator mechanical room to make sure you don't have a leak that is causing water to drip on the elevator equipment.  Go to for more information on Colley Elevator Company.